Welcome to the CPHR website.

The Centre for Psychotherapy and Human Rights (CPHR) is a recently formed human rights organisation (April 2011). It combines the provision of psychotherapy and counselling for victims and survivors of torture, political violence and human rights violations with research into the roots of these violations.

It has a team of psychotherapists and counsellors providing therapy and it has a network of research associates from different professional backgrounds from different parts of the world who pool their knowledge and understanding, based on their on-the-ground experience, to build a framework for understanding human rights violations in many different settings.

The therapy takes account of the political, economic and cultural contexts from which the survivors have come, and helps them to understand the complex processes of which they have been victims. The research draws on what is learned from the survivors combined with the contributions of the research associates.

We also have a library providing selected lists of relevant literature and resources.